Mission & Vision

Soccer and education for intellectual, physical and psychological health

To provide high-quality education and superior skills of soccer to the underprivileged youth throughout Ethiopia, to build the next generation of highly qualified leaders. The foundation strives to create a positive environment that nurtures a lifetime love of education and soccer.

Our mission in the US is to create a platform for American youth of Ethiopian heritage , where issues that arise during middle school, high school, College and beyond are addressed through strengthening healthy relationships in the family unit.

The Kidus Legacy Education and Soccer Foundation was established in remembrance of Kidus, to fulfill a life-long dream of identifying talented, underprivileged youth showing early potential in academics and soccer skills, and provide them with well-rounded quality education both in academics and soccer.

The Kidus Legacy Family Wellness was established by family and friends of Kidus, to prevent the youth of Ethiopian Heritage from falling victim of mental health. Build strong healthy relationships between parents and their children, eliminate cultural barriers, start dialogue based on understanding and mutual respect.

Education in Ethiopia

Developing the minds of the country’s youth to create a better future for Ethiopia

The Kidus Legacy Education and Soccer Foundation plans to develop open-minded, curious, independent thinkers who have confidence and ethical values aspiring to create a better future for Ethiopia. We promote hard work and team spirit to challenge youth to reach their God-given potential. This will be achieved through providing financial support to attend a certified school and supplementing, as needed, with qualified tutors after school.

Soccer in Ethiopia

Building character through teamwork learned from this special sport

In order to develop high-performance athletes who are capable of building a successful career, we will provide well-trained soccer coaches. The team will have a tailored approach suited to each individual player’s strength to build character through team and hard work. With integration of high-level soccer and academic education, the goal is to raise professional soccer players who have the ability to represent Ethiopia at national and international level, like the FIFA World Cup.

Help us create more opportunities for Ethiopia’s talented youth through education and athletics. Your contribution will assist children with the skills they need to continue Kidus’ legacy.

Each year, qualifying candidates ages 9 – 13 are selected from all over Ethiopia. Selection is income-based, evaluating their academic skill from their school report cards and soccer skill through try-out scouting camps by professional coaches.

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