Future Plans

Letter from the Architect:

My intention was to create a grand memorable space by using freely available cart-away earth mass to be found at the various construction sites in the city.

As you already know finding a damping site for the excavated soil from construction sites is a major problem in most towns. Hence utilizing the earth mass for landscaping the embankments engulfing the central pitch may easily get support from concerned authorities. Hence you may not be required to spend much as the excavated mass is normally freely available.

The memorial site comprises four major components: the central pitch, the crescent formed embankments enclosing the pitch, a multi-purpose building located at the Southern end of the sports field and optional amphitheater dug out from the eastern edge of the embankment. Depending upon the location and future demands, a traditional hut containing a café/restaurant may be erected on the hill-top. The terraced embankments will be spotted by greenery giving the establishment a park-like composition. A part from the primary target group (kids with strong soccer talent) the establishment may be used even by the general public for recreation and public events. Doing so will make it easy to find other partners from the city administration, established sport clubs or NGOs organizations.

As this draft proposal is intended for land acquisition and formal registration purposes it is deliberately made to look “monumental and impressive.’’ Hence you may consider the whole idea as a master plan to be implemented in different phases and amended as required.

Tadele Gebrewold

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